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Crazy birds is an arcade game developed by Media Contact LLC
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Crazy birds is an arcade game developed by Media Contact LLC. As all the games that we have seen of this developer, you can find them at the site and you can download from there.
In this title you will find some funny birds that you will have to shoot. In the main menu you can choose between adventure, arcade and puzzle. Each of one have the same goal, you must kill the same colour of the birds that you have in the shooter machine.

If you select adventure you will see a lot of funny and colorful birds in a cable. Of course that you have to shoot them but you will have the opportunity to have some extra points first of all, when you shoot the same colour birds and then you will see some precious stone, like ruby or emeralds. In addition, you will see some coins if you shoot them you will have more points.
If you choose arcade you will see a lot of colorful birds like in a unit, that will move near to you remember if they reach you you will loose the game.
Graphics and sound
the graphics are really well done. the scenarios are very simple. The sound effects are suitable. The soundtrack is very nice.
In conclusion, you will like to play this game with your whole family.

María Noel Balla
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